Academic Focus

CNKI is launching a series of international academic journals in digital format — Academic Focus. This series of journals aim to implement the “Going Out” strategy of publication in China. Excellent academic literatures are selected and translated into English. The English editions will be compiled into Academic Focus according to their subjects and research directions, and then published all over the world.


Academic Reference

China Academic Reference reports on translated materials of the latest contents, abstracts and comments in important papers from Chinese academic journals, which is delivered to international experts weekly or bi-weekly based on their research fields. 

World Academic Reference reports on worldwide academic information in the forefront, which is edited by subject and delivered to editorial offices for the purpose of article selection and academic improvement to facilitate the internalization of Chinese journals. 


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Translating and Digital Publishing Project of Top 130 Chinese Academic Journals


This project follows up the “Going Out” strategy of publication in China. Based on the international impact assessment for Chinese academic journals, over 130 Chinese academic journals in natural sciences and social sciences, with worldwide influence and great popularity among overseas readers, have been selected, and will be started in overall cooperation with CNKI. The project aims to set up the Chinese academic on-line platform to publish foreign language editions of Chinese journals, the Multi-lingual Full-Text Database of Chinese Academic Journals and other derivative products. Ohter services for journal brand building and international promotion are included as well.  



(1) Full-Text Database of China’s Academic Journals (multi-lingual editions) — CAJ-F

This series of digital publication in multi-lingual languages, launched by CNKI, includes the English academic journals published in China, the translated editions of journals under the Translation and Digital Publishing Project of Top 130 Chinese Academic Journals, and the English abstracts of selected Chinese academic journals. 

(2) Chinese-English Full-Text Database of Top 130 Chinese Academic Journals—CFAJ

As a serial digital publication launched by CNKI, this database displays Chinese academic achievements under the Translating and Digital Publishing Project of Top 130 Chinese Academic Journals, in compilation with multi-lingual editions of top Chinese journals and the multi-lingual abstracts of selected Chinese academic journals.  

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